Center Members: July 3 Update Membership

In our April 23 email, we asked members to make a leap of faith and join the pool not knowing what the summer would look like. The response was amazing and we truly appreciate your support.

In that same email, we also mentioned that we would offer a prorated membership rate later in the season.  With that in mind, we are offering a $50 discount to all 2019 members and any new members who join by July 10th.There is no special form for this,simply total your membership dues and deduct $50.

To our members (both returning and new) who paid before this announcement, we would like to thank you with an offer of 10 free guest visits.  If you would like this offer, please reply to this email and we will add the passes onto your membership.  If you have already paid and would like a refund, please reply to this email and we will process the refund.  These updates will not happen automatically, so we appreciate your reply by July 10th as well.

Finally, it is no secret our membership numbers are not growing as we would like.  Toward that, we are offering to waive inactive fees for any 2017 and 2018 members who decide to rejoin in 2020.  We cannot combine the prorated offer with this offer.

You are welcome to bring your forms with you to the pool when you come (vs. mailing them in).  Just give your completed form and dues to the guard at the guard stand when you check in (blank forms available at the pool, if needed). As always, we welcome your feedback, questions, concerns, etc.  And even more importantly, if you want to help guide the Center into the future, please consider volunteering on the board (board meetings are the second Thursday of every month and all members are welcome to attend).

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Center Members: June 28 Update Phase 3 Starts July 1

On Wednesday, July 1, the State and the Rockville Center will be moving to Phase 3.  At that time:

  • The pool will be open for recreational swimming.
  • Pool capacity will be open to 75% (we’re not even going to give you numbers because with our current membership levels, just about every member could be at the pool at one time and we’d still be under capacity).  We will maintain 2 lanes for now, but may remove one lane during peak times.  Grounds capacity has increased from 50 to 250.
  • All members need to continue to practice social distancing.  Please be respectful of each other’s space.
  • The baby pool will remain closed.
  • Cleaning procedures will continue.
  • Check in procedures will continue.
  • Guests are welcome. If you bring guests, please be sure to answer all guest questions at check-in  including whether you are paying the guest fees by check, cash or using prepaid pass.

Other Reminders:

Don’t forget to sign up for RemindText @rkvlpool to 81010 to join.  We are using this system to communicate weather delays and important message.  If you choose, there is a Remind app you can download, but it is not necessary to use the app.

Our Pool Manager, Leslie Nuckols, will be offering individual swim lessons starting Wednesday, July 1.  Lessons are $20 for a 30 minute lesson.  You can contact Leslie directly by replying to any of the Remind texts that come through. She’ll be sending out a Remind with this information tomorrow as well.

We expect the pool to be busy next weekend for the 4th of July.  If you do not like crowds, please consider coming early in the day or later in the evening.

The pool will close at 5:00 p.m. on the following Wednesdays for swim meets: July 8, July 15, July 22 and July 29.

2019 Members who do not wish to join the Center in 2020 as Active Members may choose to join as Inactive Members. For a nominal fee, this option allows you to put your membership on hold for the year and join in 2021 as an Active Member without having to join as a New Member.  Please find the Inactive Member form (and all other 2020 membership forms) under the Resources section of our website.

Save the date! On Friday, July 10, we’ll have the Santopia Food Truck in the parking lot from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  Members are welcome to purchase dinner and eat at the pool, tailgate in the parking lot or get dinner to go. Community members are welcome to get dinner to go.  Please attend as we’d love to be able to do this again.  Side note: we’re still looking for musical entertainment.

New Members are welcome.  We are still offering a $100 referral bonus to Active members (limit one per family).  Please make sure the new member lists your name in the Referred By field.

Remember that as Members, you get a discount on Center and Gym rentals (and the gym is air conditioned now!).  You can get rental information from Gabrielle Thomas, our Rental Manager @

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Center Members: June 25 Update Inactive Membership Option Available

2019 Members who do not wish to join the Center in 2020 as Active Members may choose the option to join as Inactive Members. For a nominal fee, this option allows you to put your membership on hold for the year and join in 2021 as an Active Member without having to join as a New Member.

Please find the Inactive Member form (and all other 2020 membership forms) under the Resources section of this website.

If you have any questions, please email (or you can call Jennie Burcham at 804-749-3731).

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Center Members: June 19 Update Guests Welcome!

Effective June 20, you are welcome to bring guests to the pool.  If you have purchased a guest pass, you will not receive a physical pass.  We will be maintaining your balance electronically (check in process has been modified to include guests).  If you pay when you visit, the cost is $5/per guest.  We can accept cash and checks (as always, exact change is appreciated).

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Center Members: June 12 Update Summer Hours!

Effective Monday, June 15th, our summer hours are:

Monday – Thursday. 10 am to 8 pm
Friday. 10 am to 9 pm
Saturday. 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday. 12 noon to 8 pm

The Pool will close at 5 pm on these days for swim meets (this is a change):
Wednesday, July 8
Wednesday, July 15
Wednesday, July 22
Wednesday, July 29

Hours after Labor Day tbd

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Center Members: June 5, 2020 Update Pool Opening Details

*You do not need to practice social distancing between family members residing in the same household

*Plan details can be found in the Resources section of this site.

Rockville Members,

Another long email, but full of necessary information.  Please take a few moments to read in entirety.

Thank you for your patience.  We have worked diligently over the last several days on a plan that will allow the pool to open under the State’s Phase 2 Guidelines.

We are excited to announce that we will open the pool for the season on Saturday, June 6.  We hope to open at 1:00 p.m., but there is much we have to get done between now and then, so time is subject to change.

With that in mind, we have retired the old text alert system and are asking everyone to sign up for RemindText @rkvlpool to 81010 to join.  We will use this system moving forward to communicate weather, pool opening/closing and up to date pool capacity/availability, if needed.  If you choose, there is a Remind app you can download, but it is not necessary to use the app.

Hours of operation*:

Saturday, June 6. 1 pm to 8 pm

Sunday, June 7. 12 noon to 8 pm

Monday, June 8 – Friday, June 12. 4 pm to 8 pm

*Hours subject to change based on our ability to maintain Phase 2 Guidelines and membership numbers. Our goal is to expand our hours, but we have to do it safely.

We had hoped to open today, but we cannot make it happen.  The state released the Phase 2 Guidelines on Tuesday evening.  Since then, our pool committee and pool manager (along with numerous other volunteers) have spent a great deal of time reviewing the requirements and creating a plan for us to safely open.  In addition, we have been taking deliveries of necessary cleaning supplies and PPE, our guards are being trained on new processes and the pool, deck and facilities are being readied for members.

In order to comply with Phase 2 Guidelines, we are adding the following rules, limitations and guidelines for the pool. These can be revisited as necessary.

  • The pool will be open for “exercise.”  Exercise is defined as: A type of physical activity that involves planned, structured, and repetitive bodily movement done to maintain or improve one or more components of physical fitness (per CDC Glossary).
  • The entrance to the pool will be moved to the gate along the Rockville Center.  This will be an entrance only.  The double gate will be the exit.
  • When you enter the pool, there will be a sign in sheet.  Please read the bullet points on this sheet.  These are important and explain new processes and procedures.  Some of them are:
    • COVID-19 Screening questions
    • Attestation that lifeguards will not be responsible for enforcing social distancing.
    • Attestation that members will be using the pool for exercise and not recreational purposes
    • Members will be responsible for maintaining 10 feet of social distancing while on deck and in the water exercising
    • A bleach solution will be available for members that want to wipe down tables and/or chairs.  Members may also bring their own chairs.
    • The maximum number of people in the pool at any time will be 21.  In the sections with lane lines no more than 3 people will be allowed.  While in the water members are responsible for maintaining 10ft of social distancing.

·      Other new pool policies:

  • The number of persons within the fenced in area is limited to a maximum of 48 guests. 
  • No sitting on the wall or in the stair area will be allowed 
  • The baby pool will remain closed due to Phase 2 restrictions.
  • Tables will be spaced 10 or more feet apart
  • Tables and chairs will be cleaned with a bleach solution after each use.  Lifeguard will be able to help with identifying clean chair and helping to clean if one is not available
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be provided at the entrance, the exit, the diving board, and each ladder / pool entrance with a railing.
  • Bathrooms will be checked every hour using existing checklists, plus sink handles, toilets, urinal, stall doors and seats, handles, and paper towel dispensers will be sprayed with a bleach solution every hour
  • No concessions will be available for sale
  • During swim team practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 6 and 8pm, the number of members in the pool will be limited as swim team will be using 2 or 3 lanes.

Additional details of our plan, resources and notes will be posted on the Rockville Center website ( and will be available at the guard shack.

We realize this may all seem overwhelming, but these measures allow us to comply with the Phase 2 guidelines as well as what we feel is appropriate for the health and safety of our members and our community.  We hope to ease these rules and restrictions when the state moves into Phase 3.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out via email or directly to any Rockville Center board member.  You may also respond to any of the Remind texts/messages and we can follow up from there.  Please try to avoid asking any general questions guards in the stand as they are working to protect members in the pool.

Please be patient and flexible with this process.  This is new to everyone and our primary goal is to keep everyone safe.  We are open to your comments and are always looking for members who are willing to help.

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Center Members: June 3, 2020 Update

Good morning members!

Based on the Governor’s comments yesterday, we will be entering Phase 2 this Friday, June 5th.  Phase 2 allows pools to be open with restrictions. As clarifications relating to these restrictions become available and we come to a better understanding of how they will impact the pool and it’s operations, we will share a more detailed plan for opening with you.

Our goal is to make the pool available as quickly and safely as possible in accordance with the state guidelines.  We anticipate opening the pool this Friday.  We will share additional details and hours in our next email, which will be sent out no later than Friday morning.  Unfortunately, we can let you know that the baby pool will not be open in Phase 2.

What can you do to get ready?  Be mindful that pool operations will be changing.  We’re going to need to your help to make this work.

As always, but especially this year, thank you for your patience and your support of the Rockville Center.

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Swim Team: May 17, 2020 Update

Hello Rockville Racers!

It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of May already. Thank you for your patience in regards to the lack of information thus far regarding the swim season. Until just this week, GRAL has been saying they hope to have a season but we have had no details about what that would look like. 

At this point, GRAL has put out specific guidelines regarding this summer. If possible (and in compliance with all state guidelines), we are still hoping to have some sort of a season. However, GRAL will not move forward with meets unless VA is in Phase 3. Below are GRAL’s specific plans for 2020.  

From GRAL:

As a league, we will follow the State guidelines for social distancing, including the recommendations of the Governor.  The basis of this plan is to have a season that corresponds with the Phase 3 plans.  

Season Recommendations

In Phase 2, teams would be able to run practices based on their individual team/HOA guidelines. We will not try and run meets during Phase 2.

If Phase 2 ends June 12th:

Meet #1 must be completed by 6/19

**NOTE:  If teams choose to run this meet as a dual meet (swim at your own clubs) this will be allowed

Remaining schedule remains

If Phase 2 ends June 19th:

Meet #1 will be canceled

Meet #2 must be completed by 6/26

**NOTE:  If teams choose to run this meet as a dual meet (swim at your own clubs) this will be allowed

Remaining schedule remains

If Phase 2 ends June 26th:

Meets #1 and #2 will be canceled

Meet #3 to be completed by 7/3

**NOTE:  If teams choose to run this meet as a dual meet (swim at your own clubs) this will be allowed

Remaining schedule remains

If Phase 2 ends later than June 30th, the season will be canceled. June 30th is our deadline for determining whether we will have a season. 

In addition, seniors from this year may come back and swim in 2021 if GRAL does not have a season this year. If there is no 2020, season, GRAL will allow 2020 and 2021 seniors to apply for a scholarship next year in 2021. Finally, divisions will be not be recalculated at the end of 2020 (they will be frozen through 2021). 

As of now, the guidelines for Phase 3 have not been released by the Governor. Therefore, the information above is based on the assumption that there will not be strict restrictions on the number of people who may gather together. However, if we are not allowed to have more than 50 people in one place this summer, there will be no GRAL season because swim meets would be impossible, even in a dual meet format (some teams in the league are very large). 

Josh and I believe (and the rest of the Rockville Board agrees) that swim team is not solely about the meets. Swim team also encompasses camaraderie, fun, swimming skills and safety in the water (especially for our younger children), not to mention the physical and mental benefits from the exercise and being outdoors. Therefore, we would like to still hold a Rockville season, even if there is no GRAL season. If we are in Phase 2, we can certainly hold practices for the kids. We will also plan to have our own meets on Wednesday nights, where our kids compete against each other. This would provide the fun and competition of swim meets in a smaller group format. Additionally, our seniors would then have the opportunity to still have their senior swim and celebration of their accomplishments. The Rockville pool will open as soon as we enter Phase 2 and is legally allowed. We plan to begin holding swim practices at that time as well.  

In order to make any of this possible, we need you to register for the team. We need to know what our numbers are so we can make decisions about how to move forward. If you do not plan to participate in swim team, we would appreciate a reply to this email so we can get an estimate of how many kids we will have. We are using paper registrations this year, and the form is attached. There is no late fee or official registration deadline. However, if you are planning to swim, we need your registrations. If we don’t get enough swimmers, we will not be able to have a team at all. If that happens (there is no team), and you have already registered and paid, we will issue you a full refund.  

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Julie Zubris

Registration Form:

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Center Members: May 17, 2020 Update

Dear Rockville Center Members,

Just wanted to bring you up to speed on where we are with opening the pool.  This is a long email, but please take a few minutes to read.

The pool will be closed to members during Phase 1. Details and the link to Virginia’s guidelines are below.

The pool will open to member once the state moves into Phase 2.  We expect this to be around June 1, but we cannot confirm that date until official word comes from the governor.  Initially, we will maintain our usual abbreviated “before school is out” hours.  Those hours are listed below.  These shorter hours will allow us to make sure we are following all cleaning and safety requirements.  Hours will be adjusted as we become confident in our ability to keep you safe and depending on membership levels.

Remember, none of us have been through this before, so we are proceeding with caution.  Our primary goal is to keep everyone safe.

In the meantime, you will see activity at the pool.  NOVA Aquatics approached the Center last month to inquire about using our facilities for practices.  After careful consideration and weighing the financial impact Covid-19 is taking on the Center, we are allowing NOVA to use our pool for practice during Phase 1.  They are following the state’s guidelines, specifically “Outdoor swimming pools may be open for lap swimming only, with one person per lane.”

This agreement is saving us several thousand dollars in chemicals and many hours of work as NOVA took the lead in prepping the pool for use this year.  This is a week to week agreement and will be modified when we are able to use the pool ourselves.

A separate email just went out to swim team members about the season.  If you are not currently a member of swim team, but are considering it this season, please reply back here so we can add you to swim team distribution.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.  We are all looking forward to getting back in the pool again.

In the meantime, don’t forget we have kid’s exercise classes on Mondays and Thursday starting at 4:00 p.m. Classes are 4-4:30 for elementary aged kids and 4:30-5:15 for high school aged kids.  This is a great way to get your kids moving.

Thank you!

The Rockville Center Board

Fitness and Exercise Facilities

Phase I: Establishments must remain closed in Phase I. Establishments may offer limited outdoor fitness and exercise operations.

Mandatory Requirements

Hot tubs, spas, splash pads, spray pools, interactive play features, basketball courts, racquetball courts, and all seating in pool areas must be closed. Outdoor swimming pools may be open for lap swimming only, with one person per lane. Indoor swimming pools and related areas must remain closed.

Before School is Out Hours:

Friday: 4pm to 9pm

Mon-Thurs: 4pm to 8pm

Saturday: 10am to 8pm

Sunday: 12pm to 8pm

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Center Members: April 23, 2020 Update

Dear Rockville Center Members,

Usually at this time of the year, most of you have submitted your membership forms and are waiting for Memorial Day and warmer weather so you can get to the pool.  What a difference a year makes.  With everything else going on in your lives right now, you may not be thinking of the Rockville Center, but the Rockville Center is still here and the Center Board has continued to meet to plan for the future.

On the facility side (the gym and the Center itself), our Rental Manager is working with our renters to reschedule events.  When that is not possible, we are offering refunds.

On the pool side, we are taking the necessary steps to prepare the pool to be open for our members this summer.  We understand the season will look different, but we also believe that when the time comes, our community will need a place to come together.  Until then, we are researching creative ways we may be able to follow the governor’s orders while providing some pool time for members.

Here’s the hard part.  The truth is we need income to keep the Center running.  The Rockville Center is a not for profit community center.  Our expenses will continue as we maintain the facilities (we have been carefully reviewing all our costs and making changes where we can).

We are asking you to consider maintaining your membership as you normally would (knowing the season will likely be shorter than usual).  Your Membership dues will allow us to cover the Center’s on-going operating expenses as we navigate this uncharted territory.  We understand this may not be possible for everyone, so as the governor lifts restrictions we will develop a plan to offer prorated membership dues (we will not have that information until a later date). No one will pay late fees in 2020.  Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

If you are a swim team family, please read the statement below from the GRAL executive board.  We will open reopen swim team registration when we have better information about when we can start practices.  If you have questions specific to swim team, please email our swim team managers, Josh and Julie Zubris, at

Finally, please stick with us!.  This is not something any of us have ever dealt with before.  We are trying to do right by our members while still being able to cover the Center expenses.  If you have any suggestions for this summer, or you’d like to help us by volunteering, please email us here.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing everyone at the pool this summer!

The Rockville Center Board

Statement from GRAL:

  1. 2020 Season – We are still planning on having the season as scheduled beginning June 17th.  Our kids have had enough taken away from them, and we owe it to them to make our best efforts.
    • If the Governor’s response changes things in the months to come, we will adjust as needed.
  2. GRAL membership – I understand that many of our clubs will be having discussions about the status of their pool for the summer, not to mention the status of their swim teams.  
    • DO NOT WORRY:  I will bring to the board a measure to grandfather clubs that are unable to have a summer swim team this year into 2021.  (this will require a vote at our next meeting)
  3. Training – April’s training is cancelled.  We will truncate May’s training dates because we are going to have a virtual option. (more details to come)
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