About us



 “Our mission is to be a community-based, member- supported, and family-focused center for improving lives through intellectual, social, cultural, and athletic endeavors.”

The Rockville Center, along with its gym, baseball, and tennis facilites is a not-for-profit organization built by former members through community fundraising . The  Center building and pool facilities were made possible through a matching donation from local philanthropists  J. Harwood and Louise Cochrane. The gym is named the Cochran Pavilion in honor of  their generous gift to the community. All of our facilities are available for rental.

The grounds and buildings are managed by a volunteer board. There is a paid manager, janitorial and maintenance staff, as well as many members who volunteer services and goods. Members who belong to the pool may join the swim team for an additional fee. The pool is available to members  for rental.

For a summer of fun and relaxation, join the Rockville Center pool! Download a membership Form on the landing page of this website.

Board of Directors / Committee Chairs

President: Josh Zubris (jrzubris1@gmail.com)
Vice President: Open
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: Ann Bilbey (annbilbey@gmail.com)
Accountant: Alice Cappellino (acappellino@g4cpa.com)
At Large: Jodie Montgomery (jodiem4me@gmail.com)
At Large: Ted Zubris (ted@ampaevents.com)
At Large: Julie Massie (julie.r.massie@gmail.com)
Building & Grounds Chair: Carl Cheeley (carl.cheeley@dom.com)
Membership Committee Chair: Jennie Burcham (jennie.burcham@oracle.com)
Membership/Events Committee: vacant
Pool Committee Chair: vacant
Swim Team President: Julie Zubris (rockvilleracersteam@gmail.com)
Pool Manager: Leslie Nuckols (ltnucks@verizon.net)
Tennis Courts Committee Chair: Julie Finnegan (rfinnegan35@hotmail.com)
Fundraising: Ann Bilbey (annbilbey@gmail.com) and Nicole Rada (westforkrada@gmail.com)
Center/Field/Gym Rental Manager: Gabrielle Thomas (gab88thomas@gmail.com)