Swim Team

May 17, 2020 Update

Hello Rockville Racers!

It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of May already. Thank you for your patience in regards to the lack of information thus far regarding the swim season. Until just this week, GRAL has been saying they hope to have a season but we have had no details about what that would look like.

At this point, GRAL has put out specific guidelines regarding this summer. If possible (and in compliance with all state guidelines), we are still hoping to have some sort of a season. However, GRAL will not move forward with meets unless VA is in Phase 3. Below are GRAL’s specific plans for 2020.

From GRAL:

As a league, we will follow the State guidelines for social distancing, including the recommendations of the Governor.  The basis of this plan is to have a season that corresponds with the Phase 3 plans.

Season Recommendations

In Phase 2, teams would be able to run practices based on their individual team/HOA guidelines. We will not try and run meets during Phase 2.

If Phase 2 ends June 12th:

Meet #1 must be completed by 6/19

**NOTE:  If teams choose to run this meet as a dual meet (swim at your own clubs) this will be allowed

Remaining schedule remains

If Phase 2 ends June 19th:

Meet #1 will be canceled

Meet #2 must be completed by 6/26

**NOTE:  If teams choose to run this meet as a dual meet (swim at your own clubs) this will be allowed

Remaining schedule remains

If Phase 2 ends June 26th:

Meets #1 and #2 will be canceled

Meet #3 to be completed by 7/3

**NOTE:  If teams choose to run this meet as a dual meet (swim at your own clubs) this will be allowed

Remaining schedule remains

If Phase 2 ends later than June 30th, the season will be canceled. June 30th is our deadline for determining whether we will have a season.

In addition, seniors from this year may come back and swim in 2021 if GRAL does not have a season this year. If there is no 2020, season, GRAL will allow 2020 and 2021 seniors to apply for a scholarship next year in 2021. Finally, divisions will be not be recalculated at the end of 2020 (they will be frozen through 2021).

As of now, the guidelines for Phase 3 have not been released by the Governor. Therefore, the information above is based on the assumption that there will not be strict restrictions on the number of people who may gather together. However, if we are not allowed to have more than 50 people in one place this summer, there will be no GRAL season because swim meets would be impossible, even in a dual meet format (some teams in the league are very large).

Josh and I believe (and the rest of the Rockville Board agrees) that swim team is not solely about the meets. Swim team also encompasses camaraderie, fun, swimming skills and safety in the water (especially for our younger children), not to mention the physical and mental benefits from the exercise and being outdoors. Therefore, we would like to still hold a Rockville season, even if there is no GRAL season. If we are in Phase 2, we can certainly hold practices for the kids. We will also plan to have our own meets on Wednesday nights, where our kids compete against each other. This would provide the fun and competition of swim meets in a smaller group format. Additionally, our seniors would then have the opportunity to still have their senior swim and celebration of their accomplishments. The Rockville pool will open as soon as we enter Phase 2 and is legally allowed. We plan to begin holding swim practices at that time as well.

In order to make any of this possible, we need you to register for the team. We need to know what our numbers are so we can make decisions about how to move forward. If you do not plan to participate in swim team, we would appreciate a reply to this email so we can get an estimate of how many kids we will have. We are using paper registrations this year, and the form is attached. There is no late fee or official registration deadline. However, if you are planning to swim, we need your registrations. If we don’t get enough swimmers, we will not be able to have a team at all. If that happens (there is no team), and you have already registered and paid, we will issue you a full refund.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Julie Zubris