Center Members: July 3 Update Membership

In our April 23 email, we asked members to make a leap of faith and join the pool not knowing what the summer would look like. The response was amazing and we truly appreciate your support.

In that same email, we also mentioned that we would offer a prorated membership rate later in the season.  With that in mind, we are offering a $50 discount to all 2019 members and any new members who join by July 10th.There is no special form for this,simply total your membership dues and deduct $50.

To our members (both returning and new) who paid before this announcement, we would like to thank you with an offer of 10 free guest visits.  If you would like this offer, please reply to this email and we will add the passes onto your membership.  If you have already paid and would like a refund, please reply to this email and we will process the refund.  These updates will not happen automatically, so we appreciate your reply by July 10th as well.

Finally, it is no secret our membership numbers are not growing as we would like.  Toward that, we are offering to waive inactive fees for any 2017 and 2018 members who decide to rejoin in 2020.  We cannot combine the prorated offer with this offer.

You are welcome to bring your forms with you to the pool when you come (vs. mailing them in).  Just give your completed form and dues to the guard at the guard stand when you check in (blank forms available at the pool, if needed). As always, we welcome your feedback, questions, concerns, etc.  And even more importantly, if you want to help guide the Center into the future, please consider volunteering on the board (board meetings are the second Thursday of every month and all members are welcome to attend).

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