Center Members: April 23, 2020 Update

Dear Rockville Center Members,

Usually at this time of the year, most of you have submitted your membership forms and are waiting for Memorial Day and warmer weather so you can get to the pool.  What a difference a year makes.  With everything else going on in your lives right now, you may not be thinking of the Rockville Center, but the Rockville Center is still here and the Center Board has continued to meet to plan for the future.

On the facility side (the gym and the Center itself), our Rental Manager is working with our renters to reschedule events.  When that is not possible, we are offering refunds.

On the pool side, we are taking the necessary steps to prepare the pool to be open for our members this summer.  We understand the season will look different, but we also believe that when the time comes, our community will need a place to come together.  Until then, we are researching creative ways we may be able to follow the governor’s orders while providing some pool time for members.

Here’s the hard part.  The truth is we need income to keep the Center running.  The Rockville Center is a not for profit community center.  Our expenses will continue as we maintain the facilities (we have been carefully reviewing all our costs and making changes where we can).

We are asking you to consider maintaining your membership as you normally would (knowing the season will likely be shorter than usual).  Your Membership dues will allow us to cover the Center’s on-going operating expenses as we navigate this uncharted territory.  We understand this may not be possible for everyone, so as the governor lifts restrictions we will develop a plan to offer prorated membership dues (we will not have that information until a later date). No one will pay late fees in 2020.  Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

If you are a swim team family, please read the statement below from the GRAL executive board.  We will open reopen swim team registration when we have better information about when we can start practices.  If you have questions specific to swim team, please email our swim team managers, Josh and Julie Zubris, at

Finally, please stick with us!.  This is not something any of us have ever dealt with before.  We are trying to do right by our members while still being able to cover the Center expenses.  If you have any suggestions for this summer, or you’d like to help us by volunteering, please email us here.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing everyone at the pool this summer!

The Rockville Center Board

Statement from GRAL:

  1. 2020 Season – We are still planning on having the season as scheduled beginning June 17th.  Our kids have had enough taken away from them, and we owe it to them to make our best efforts.
    • If the Governor’s response changes things in the months to come, we will adjust as needed.
  2. GRAL membership – I understand that many of our clubs will be having discussions about the status of their pool for the summer, not to mention the status of their swim teams.  
    • DO NOT WORRY:  I will bring to the board a measure to grandfather clubs that are unable to have a summer swim team this year into 2021.  (this will require a vote at our next meeting)
  3. Training – April’s training is cancelled.  We will truncate May’s training dates because we are going to have a virtual option. (more details to come)
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